This page is to go over the disclaimers of my business, I will go over crystals as well as my candles. I have to include a disclaimer on each product as well as this page to make sure people understand that this information is for entertainment purposes only. As a crystal healer, I believe in the healing abilities as well as the power of crystals and earth magick, but there is no guarantee that the crystals will indeed work for you. Please know that all crystals have been ethically sourced and I have taken the time to build a relationship with those I purchase from. The disclaimer for my crystal candles goes as follows; do not burn candles without being present, make sure they are in a safe and open environment, any foreign object added into a candle has the means of being a fire hazard, do not touch the crystals while candle is burning or wax is hot wait until the wax is almost gone to take crystals out-NEVER TOUCH WHILE HOT!

I had to add this disclaimer in order to save my own ass in case someone does not follow proper care. Again please do not stop seeking medical care or seeing a medical profession for your medical needs. Follow candle safety as stated above!