Return to Eden, Crystal Grid Workshop

Crystal Grid Workshop

Join us in learning the art of creating and using crystal grids in all aspects of life. Grid making has been used for hundreds of years, sacred geometry is widely used in the art of creating grids. In ways of using items around and in the home to create protection or welcoming energy, prosperity, abundance, happiness, good luck, and so on.
In this workshop we will dive into why crystal grids can be powerful tools, how to create and use them, different symbols and using your own intuition. We will talk about the uses of different crystals and their metaphysical healing properties. I will have crystals and hand burned and stained Birch wood grids available for purchase but isn’t necessary for this workshop.

Items to bring:

  • Chair to sit on
  • If you have crystals you’d like to work with
  • Something to take notes with


Oct 10 2020


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




The Sacred Grove
5830 Harmony Grove Rd, Dover Pa

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