Llanite Que Sera Sphere


Llanite/Vulcanite/Que Sera crystal

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Llanite is also known as Que Sera, Vulcanite, and Rhyolite. It is in the Rhyolite family and it has inclusions of blue quartz and feldspar.

Llanite metaphysical properties:

  • Associated with the Heart & Third Eye Chakras
  • It helps us and others be more compassionate
  • Enhances intuition, psychic abilities, as well a sensitivity to the spiritual world
  • Aids in looking outside of the box in a situation to figure out the most logical way to resolve it
  • Used during meditations to go within and find our inner knowledge

Disclaimer-This information is for entertainment purposes only, please do not stop medications and seek medical advice and professionals for any health related problems. Each stone may interact with each individual differently.

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