Ruby Zoisite Owl


Ruby Zoisite Owl

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Ruby Zoisite Owl

weighs 130g

2.3″ tall

1.8″ at widest area

1.1″ at thickest area

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Has both properties of Ruby and Green Zoisite
  • Strength, Love, Passion
  • Fertility
  • Allows connection within ourselves as well as outside world
  • Associated with the Heart, Root, and Third Eye Chakras
  • Great for manifesting your dreams and desires
  • Transmutes negative energy to positive energy
  • Aids in astral projection and inter-dimensional travel
  • Deepens meditation
  • Help in grief and death

Disclaimer- This information is for entertainment purposes only, please seek a medical professional before starting or stopping any healing modality. This information does NOT replace any medical professionals advice. Each stone my interact with each individual in a different way.

Weight130 g
Dimensions2.3 × 1.1 × 1.6 in


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