Spell Wicks-Love


Spell Wicks Love candle infused with Rhodonite crystal chips

Welcome to the Spell Wicks candle line by Wild Moon & Co! These candles are made with specific intentions and energy put into each step of the candle. The tins are cleansed with Rosemary smoke, each wooden wick has the specific intention burned into it, while mixing and pouring the scent and wax we have put intentional energy into it. Each candle is made in a 4oz tin. We recommend not removing the crystals until the candle has been burned to the end, as this can result in uneven burning and potentially not being able to burn correctly. Each candle is made to order so please allow 7-10 business days for these to be sent out.

Our Love candle is infused with Rhodonite crystal chips, scented with Calla Lily phthalates free, soy wax, wood wick, and non toxic glitter. This candle can be used in attracting love but is also a great way to promote self love.

Weight130 g


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